The plot thickens

But actually not so much.

– Take my jacket, for fuck’s sake! Ben is irritated by Iunia’s attitude.

– I am fine, I said I am fine! God, why do people insist?! Although you seem confused, I really know what I need. Trust me, it’s not your jacket! Iunia’s tongue sticks out in an infantile reflex.

– You act like a spoiled child… oh, nevermind!

– Exactly, nevermind! The car turns toward the residential units near Băneasa Technology Park.

Iunia shows him where to make a right turn as if she can’t wait to get out of the car.

– Here, just leave me at the first block.

– Wait for me to stop, don’t jump, please! his voice all coarse and tired.

The car stops and Iunia suddenly seems undecided… she takes a deep breath and says without looking at him:

– I am sorry, I don’t know what got into me, I want to say something that can explain why I charged you like that. Maybe it’s because I wanted to establish hierarchy, which sounds really stupid when said out loud. Maybe I am not used with… maybe you make me feel, no… not feel, but… oh, fuck it… just I apologize. That’s it! Good night!

She tries to escape, but Ben is quicker and catches her hand.

– I don’t even get to accept these lame excuses, huh? Why are you so scared? I see now that you are a runner and I don’t believe that you feel sorry, you just thought it was the right thing to do. I need more!

– What the hell are you saying? I am not even sure if complaisance advises to say: Nice to meet you! Iunia looks at him repulsed by the thought of him needing anything from her.

Ben lets a smirk widen on his face:

– I’d say that I was merely fucking with you, but you seem to have lost your sense of humor along with the self-worthiness you wear as flag.

– Let go!

– I will if you promise to do the same! Ben laughs and releases her hand.

– Good night!

– Good night, sweet as a summer’s day June!

– Fuck off!

She rushes to her block entrance walking proud in spite of the biting cold. She walks in her studio, happy to get rid of the boots and of „fucking Benji”. She puts some water to boil for tea, while mumbling: who the fuck does he think he is?! I need to get him out of my mind…

Iunia dials the already familiar number of her sex buddy:

– Hey, Chris! Can you come over… please? suddenly she feels all mushy inside and warm tears invade her cheeks. She lets them fall to release the sting in the eyes.

– You have to work? No, I am fine, it’s ok! I understand. No, I haven’t been crying… I told you I am fine… yeah, call me tomorrow, sure. Good night!

She takes a big cup and pours water over her favorite blend of green tea and Jasmine. Pulling up close her laptop, she hopes to find some comfort in a chat with her friends, bad-mouthing men. Men are the worst!

She already feels better, crying helped a bit to raise her spirits. Not for long, though. There it is: the friend request from Benjamin Rebac staring at her. She tries to look at his pictures, but the ass-hole concealed everything and now she has to confirm to allay her curiosity. She browses through the pictures and none is indecent or silly. He is always dressed very well and his profile doesn’t show more than what she already inferred: COO at a major transport corporation, one that never shares anything funny. Super boring!

She opens the group chat and writes: Girls, I got home! Forget what I said earlier. I should’ve stayed home, the man I met really destroyed my evening. Hope you are still awake! 

Mermaid, the stylish friend and the only one that has kids: Consider it just another experience. Don’t waste your energy on him, baby!

B., eternal reconciler: Yeah, men are pigs, you knew that!

Mizzy, the group’s binder and also the vehement character: Did you tell him to go fuck himself?! I don’t know what happened, but I am on your side anyways.

TLC, the sweetest voice among them, literally: You still have us, baby!

Galadriel, the wise one, a pacifist by nature: We still love you! Muah!

Pinky is missing the midnight call, probably fast asleep.

And last but not least:

Kitty: God! You talk too much, I am trying to get some sleep. Tomorrow it’s a workday for some of us… we’ll talk tomorrow baby! I love you, you know that! 😛

Yeah, that feels so much better! She pulls away the laptop, draws out her bra, cuddling on the couch and falls asleep.



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