No matter what I do…

All I think about is you…

Iunia knows she can’t sing, but is happy to pack her bags, so the singing part doesn’t bother her as much. Someone once told her she sounds awful and she can’t stand not being perfect, so she gave up singing long time ago. Stupid, in my opinion, we should be free to act as we feel at least when we are alone! She is in a hurry to leave, although her flight is scheduled for noon. She was stuck in the airport, but the least she can do is treat herself with gaufre for breakfast. The training was not so bad, Iunia already knows the colleagues and the formal dinner is always fun. If it hadn’t been for all the wine drinking she would’ve thought they are aliens or something. But the wine helped them loosen and eventually get rid of the ties and interact like normal people. They were always curious about life in Romania and crazy stories about life in communism. She was amazed how the cultural barriers seemed to melt after leaving the formal environment…

The flight is on time and a certain excitement fills her whole body as the landing approaches. She never had that disappointment or sadness for getting back home. Romania is home and all the people she loves are home. While waiting to pick her bag, she takes a quick look at the duty free offer, and not surprisingly chooses 2 boxes of Godiva chocolates. As the doors open she spots something disturbing: Chris with a bouquet in his hand and Ben in a casual outfit, no flowers ofcourse. Iunia feels as wanting to exit on a back door although she knows well there isn’t such exit. Eager, impulsive Chris jumps over the separation fencing and picks her up! Iunia could not prevent this from happening and sends Ben a sorry smile obviously embarrassed by the whole situation. Ben stands still, one hand into the jeans pocket and stares shamelessly. He doesn’t even blink when Chris gives her the flowers and picks her bag, nor when he kisses her ostensive and drags her towards the parking spaces.

– Hei, what’s wrong? I thought you will be happy to see me.

– I am, Chris! I really am! I think there was something wrong with the food I ate on the plane…

– Who the hell eats that food?! Chris feels like scolding her, but when he sees her yellowish complexion he softens his words: You sometimes scare me with these cravings. Do you feel like eating a proper meal?

– Yeah, sure! What do you have in mind? Iunia really feels sick to her stomach and the onboard lunch is not the only one to blame. Just another Dilemma, she didn’t know Ben will be waiting, so it’s not her fault.

No matter what I do
All I think about is you
Even when I’m with my boo
Boy, you know I’m crazy over you

Chris is a little puzzled:

– What are you humming?

– I woke up with this song in my mind, you know how that is. I feel like eating pasta and something lemony! Iunia has adapted quickly to the new situation and prefers not to linger over the airport incident. She will sort it our later, she deserves a little pampering and Ben wasn’t the man for that.

– Italian it is, principessa! Chris is happy to please her.

Later that evening they finally arrive at Iunia’s place and Chris knows he won’t get invited up.

– Please, let me sleep tonight, I hate sleeping at the hotel! Besides, I feel bad when I exploit you like this! She places one tiny pale hand on his cheek and looks into his eyes with deep gratitude. She’s a bitch sometimes and he is like a faithful compagnion. Now, for the first time in the last weeks, she lets her affection show and Chris receives the good night kiss comforted.

Iunia’s finally home and the first thing she does is turn on all the lights. She draws the dirty clothes and puts them in the washing machine, then with feet on the coffee table checks facebook. These is a single message from Ben and it says: Wtf?!. She wants to discuss this with the girls, but first a warm bath is in order. Unfortunately she is not so lucky to enjoy the bath, the interphone is constanly ringing. She gets to it and answers rather edgy: Who is it? A familiar, yet annoying voice answers:  Honey, I am home!. Fucking Benji!

She has time to put some sweat pants on and a sleeping t-shirt.

– What the fuck, Ben! she greets him.

– I thought that was my line! You didn’t answer, by the way!

– What are you doing here, I really didn’t call you this time. I didn’t even had the chance to have a proper bath.

– Wow, it’s hot in here, Ben passes by her and lets himself in while removing his jacket and shoes. He is already set comfy on the coach when Iunia finally has passed the initial shock. She stares at him waiting for some kind of explanation for this familiar behaviour.

– Honey, get a towel, your hair is wet. I love this sexy look, but I don’t want you to get ill because of me! he confronts her with a look that means I am here to stay! I waited for the little fucker to leave and got a little bored.

– Please don’t talk like that about Chris, you don’t know him. He is a way better man than you!

– Really? What gave him away: the roses that are still on the kitchen counter?

– I didn’t have time to put them in a vase! Iunia is almost shouting. Why did you come?

– I came because I wanted to see you, I am not a stalker. I don’t care about this guy, I feel sorry for him. I am not going to fight him for you! I want to stay the night, that’s all!

– A lot of wants there, you are kind of demanding… do I get an opinion?

– Yes, you get to come beside me on your couch after you put the fucker’s flowers in water. Nothing shows on his face, no want, no need.

Iunia is not impressed and clearly the lack of any emotions in his words is not very enticing. No, she doesn’t want this!

– I am sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. I really don’t feel attracted by the perspective of you staying over. I think you misjudged me. She is serious and feels a little humiliated for some reason. You don’t get to come here and make fun of my life, you were not invited!

Ben drops the acting and comes near her: I don’t want to sleep with you, not in the state you are right now. I want to hold you and maybe get a glimpse of the real person hidding behind all the characters you impersonate. He gently caresses her face and with pleading eyes places the most chaste kiss on her lips.

– You kissed the wrong boo-boo! Iunia notices with a girlish smile.

– All in good time, sweet Iunia! and the moment of intimacy passed. Do you have anything to eat in this feminist nest of yours?

– Chocolates and tea!

– That will do!


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  1. Apropo de ce faci cand esti singura (adica poti canta chiar daca …. fals) stii ca daca , cascam cand eram in pat , in curs de adormire , Ionel ma intreba daca am ous mana la gura?


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