I know you baby…

The work day seems a lot longer after the disturbing morning Iunia had with Ben. Strangely enough his calming technique worked and after calming down they had a very pleasant breakfast. Iunia tries really hard to concentrate on her presentation and on the short break – while her students are concentrated on solving a case – she checks her phone.

Iunia: Girls, I am bored! Anyone?

Mizzy: Fuck, me too! It’s one of those days

Mermaid: I am free tonight, can we do something, anything? 

Galadriel: Pinky and I can reach Băneasa at half past six.

Pinky: Only 4 hours left, not cool :(((

Kitty: Can anyone shoot me like right now? I need a chocolate i.v. or 15 espressos! 

B.: C’mon Kitty! I promise to buy chocolate, we haven’t met for like ages… 

TLC: How long do you plan to stay? I have a meeting in Aviației at 17. 

Iunia: Don’t worry, I have a lot to share… we’ll stay as long as needed! 😉

Mizzy: I hope it’s something interesting, clearly your love life needs some spice! 😛

Iunia: I will pretend I didn’t see that! You are jealous! 😛

TLC: Uhhh, what do we have here? Iunia, please don’t take it personal or please share if it’s juicy

Iunia: Nothing juicy… at least not in the line you are thinking of…

          Mizzy, what were your expectations?

Mizzy: I hope you meet someone who can fuck you properly… and don’t even get me started with Chris. If you do get me started… he is not the man for the job, he respects you too much, this is not normal! :)))

Iunia: B., feminists where you at? 

B.: I apologize, but I have to agree. That Chris character is too sweet to be real. 

Iunia: See you later, I have to go!

Iunia starts checking their answers and they discuss every solution. A smile lingers on the corner of her lips, the girls will be in for a surprise. As she waits for the elevator, she takes a look at the grey sky and puts her headphones on. Her favorite moment of the day, alone with her playlist. As the elevator doors open, in the mirror she sees a familiar reflection: Fucking Benji trying hard not to make fun of her!

– Hello, cherie! We meet again!

– Fuck off! You are a lousy Jim Carrey impersonator, says Iunia and draws one headphone off.

They step into the elevator and Iunia tries to pause the music, though not quick enough.

– Let’s see what do we have here! and listens to the track for some time. What the fuck is that?! Something really mushy, please explain!

– I don’t need to explain anything, as usual you mock everything I hold dear. FYI it’s the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack!

– Oh, I see! So it’s allowed to have poor taste in music if it’s 50 Shades! It wasn’t enough you have poor taste in authors! He laughs and adds in a very serious tone while touching his lower lip with his index: What shall I do with you, miss Steele?

Iunia blushes and feels like slapping him: where was the gentle man from this morning, the man who comforted her in one of the most embarrassing moments of her life?!

– Ass hole!

– C’mon, I’ll take you home for a chance to mend your ego!

– I am taking a taxi, don’t worry. I have to meet my friends at the mall.

– I’ll take to the mall then! But promise to Love me like you do, lo-lo-love me like you do!

In the parking lot, Iunia decides to end this right now, she can’t stand being humiliated by these reactions. She is looking down and playing with the wooden ring.

– Look Ben, I can’t do this! You make me feel out of place, I am not used to this… maybe you should avoid me… that came out wrong. Not avoid, but maybe stop seeing me! I am flattered, I really am that you are interested in me.

– Really, you are flattered?! Why the fuck can’t you look me in the eyes when telling me this bullshit? Is it about this morning?

Iunia looks at him and can’t find an answer, any answer, so she just looks at him. She remembers a time when she’d rather get a bad grade than improvise and make a fool of herself. Yes, she is not prepared for this lesson either, but tries a shift of focus.

– What about this morning?  I am not used to losing control, and moreover I am not used to having witnesses when I lose control. So yes, I am feeling a little exposed since I don’t really know why. You make me feel like I’m immature or something… and maybe I am. I am not ready to admit all that, I am used to hiding the flaws, the skeletons.

– Can I just say something without you reading anything into it?

– You are going to say it anyway!

– True! I was gonna say that you are pretty stupid for a smart girl and I picked my words carefully. I have bad news for you: I am not letting go! On the contrary!

He pulls her near and kisses her before she has time to acknowledge it. There is nothing chaste about this kiss and when he’s done, whispers in her ear: Sweet Iunia, I am here to stay, don’t fight me! He swiftly kisses her ear lobe and adds: Go tell your girlfriends about the ass-hole, but please don’t run from me!

Iunia gets out of the car feeling a little lightheaded. She waits for the car to leave and then heads for the mall entrance. The song plays repeatedly in her mind:

„Don’t complicate it,
Don’t let the past dictate

I have been patient, but slowly I’m losing faith

So please, I know you baby
I know you baby”



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