Inside My Love

Iunia waits a little to catch her breath and then heads to Starbucks where seven of the best girlfriends ever cheer her arrival.

– Baby, baby! Baby doll in the house!

– Girls, awww… I’ve missed you all so much! followed by a lot of XOXO.

– Who drove you here? Mizzy straight as ever.

– Yeah, Baby, let’s discuss that! says B.

– Did you order anything for me? Iunia tries to buy some time.

– Yesss, c’mon do tell! I had such a boring week, I need to know someone is having sex, Kitty begs.

– Fine! This was Ben, aka Benji the ass-hole. I think it has been only a week since he’s fucking up my life. I thought he didn’t even fancy me, he’s just so annoying…

– Uhhh, Baby has a crush… OMG I had to see it to believe it!

– TLC, you are not helping… in fact none of you are helping… because you know, it kind of feels right and then he mocks me and he stayed the night…

– So you slept with him! exclaims Kitty. What’s his full name, I will search him right now?

– Nevermind… we just slept and it felt well, he didn’t try anything…

– What a waste of a perfectly good erection, Mizzy says disappointed. We should not trust you with a man!

– Don’t say that! Anyway, he kissed me in the car and this morning I had like a crazy fit or something and then he held me…

When Iunia gets to this point, her eyes are already flooded and she starts crying helplessly. The girls gather around her comforting her in any way they can. The Starbucks barista comes closer and tries a gesture that might mean they are disturbing the other customers. He gets a very clear warning to stay away from Mizzy:

– Hey, don’t even think about it! This is my friend and she needs us right now. Bring us 7 chocolate cakes and a carrot cake for her. Thank you!

– I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me, I am a like a fucking mounting spring!

– Hey, hey, easy with the swearing, please!

– B., please! This is a time for cursing if you ask me!

– Mizzy, I am not asking, I am just saying… this is a public place!

– True! adds Kitty. Can we get wasted? It’s Thursday and Shoteria opens in one hour!

– Downtown, Baby! The remedy of shattered love stories, concludes Mermaid.

They head for the Old Center to their favorite bar.

Later that night, Iunia gets home partially drunk. She opens her laptop ‘cause the phone battery quit after the 20th selfie. She hopes she wasn’t tagged by now by one of the girls. They share more than two hundred friends and this will look very bad on her profile. She notices that no harm was done, and the messenger window surprises her. It’s Ben.

Ben: Where were you?! I called like ten times!

Iunia: My battery died. Why?

Ben: You had me worried!

Iunia: I went downtown, I mean I had Downtown with the girls! :)))

Ben: What is that?

Iunia: Only the best shot at Shoteria in the Old Center… you are too old to know these things, no offense

Ben: None taken, you do realize you are not among the hip anymore! Are you drunk?

Iunia: Barely! And who even says hip?! 

Ben: Go to sleep, sweet Iunia!

Iunia: I will in a minute! You can sleep on this, I felt the need to prove I have other staff in the playlist:

„Two people, just meeting, barely touching each other
Two spirits, greeting, tryna carry each further
You are one, and I am another”

Ben: I know the movie Quantum Love and that isn’t us, if it crossed your mind! 😛 We don’t have eternity, we have right now. I prefer that for us! 

Iunia: You don’t know everything! Good night! 



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