I’m Not In Love

„Some love stories are simply not meant to be!” – thinks Iunia. But is it love or is it just solely the feeling of craving love. She just woke up and remembers the brief conversation she had with Ben. Truth be told she really wishes that he meant all he said and the sweet words he whispered when trying to calm her down. And the kiss… the kiss was close to perfection, made her remember her high-school sweetheart. She has to hold a class at noon, but the airline HQ is close to home, she can take a walk.

All dressed up she waits for the elevator.

– Hey, Iunia! the voice startles her. It’s that bitch, head of HR at the low cost she’s holding classes for.

– Hi, Georgie! How are you? Iunia tries the formal approach.

– Nothing much, it’s Friday, just waiting for the weekend. Hey, I saw you with Ben yesterday!

– Really?! (Of course you did, crazy bitch!) Yes, we met at some boring party at the Mall.

– You know he is married, right?! Cause he fooled women before, he’s not wearing the wedding ring! A large smile invades her ugly face. Anyway, it was nice to see you!

– Yes, me too! Thanks for the heads-up! I mean… men… pfff!

Iunia feels like punching something: The ass-hole! A classic fool! She hopes that Georgia didn’t catch any of this. She pulls out her phone and writes: I was right not to trust you… then deletes it… you really are an ass-hole… deletes again and thinks. Did he promise anything? Did she ask about marriage? She just assumed, so… he simply omitted. She would’ve cared if he told the truth? She never thought about being approached by married men, simply because things never got that far. She might have missed the signs, but also she knew herself to be nearly tameless. Always choosing carefully among the men that didn’t make her feel cornered. Until Ben! Ben that shared the same bed and allowed her to cuddle.

Iunia is angry with herself! She puts the phone back and decides to  deal with him when he will contact her.

And she waits the entire day for a sign. At some point in the evening Mizzy calls:

– Why do you ignore us? I hope you dragged a man home, otherwise I will punish you.

– I was really hoping to have fucking Benji here, but guess what… he’s married!

After settling down her laugh Mizzy says:

– Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Don’t tell me you are sad! Please don’t! What have I told you, over and over again?

– Men cheat!

– Exactly, no exceptions! Men are pigs, so I don’t care if he’s a cheater. I am not cheating on anyone, their conscience is at risk, presuming they have one. I hope you didn’t cry, sweetie! I hate it when you cry, it’s disturbing!

– No, I am just upset.

– Good! So you will come with us this weekend and be pampered. Tomorrow we have coffee and catch the first show of the corniest movie.

– Sounds good! Thanks… you know for… everything! Good night!

Iunia feels relieved nothing more happened between them. But the kiss… the kiss was great! A cheating liar should not kiss like that!

A week later she is at Shoteria with the girls. Ben didn’t message her, as if someone warned him. Iunia opened the chat window for a hundred times, he wasn’t even active, no posts, no nothing. The man seemed to have disappeared! Fuck him and his smooth lines! Iunia has the fourth shot and squeezes her eyes after it. Three is her limit. She texts Chris: Pick me up from Shoteria please! I drank too much! His reply is almost instant: I am close, I’ll be there in ten!

Thank God for Chris! suddenly Iunia feels affection for the man that rarely asks something in return. She kisses the girls and goes outside to sober up a little. She looks up and down the street for familiar faces and spots a group of middle aged men with younger girls. She feels sorry for the easy money the girls chose. As they come closer she notices there are four men and three girls and Ben is among them. She watches him while they pass in front of her, and Ben is looking at her. Chris is here and interrupts the strange moment, excited by Iunia’s call. She smiles and they leave holding hands. It’s better this way!

“I’m not in love
So don’t forget it
It’s just a silly phase I’m going through

I’m not in love, no no


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