My Funny Valentine

Pick up from here.

Iunia wakes up and reaches for her phone. It’s a bad habit, she knows it. It’s the 13th of February and the last two weeks almost made her believe she can be the kind that celebrates Valentine’s Day. She can’t deny she had a very good time with Chris lately. All she felt for Ben was numbed, although she kept hoping for a sign. After seeing him that night she thought he’d be all over the messenger with apologies, but nothing happened and she was too proud to write first. That was that, I will survive! Unfortunately Chris had to leave the country for a project and she had to spend Valentine alone. Iunia was a 35 year old women who never gave a damn about imported holidays, but this year was different. She wanted to be pampered and hated needing anything that depended on someone. Opening facebook was a bad idea, ‘cause there it was: corny holiday and corny posts! Let’s check on the girls!

Happy fucking Valentine! ❤

I love you girls!

Mizzy: Happy fuckin’ whatever! I celebrate myself and the faboulous woman I became!

Mermaid: I have a date tonight, guys! Feeling hopeful!

Iunia: C’mon! I am the only one without a date? !

Mizzy: Don’t go there! The only reason I am not teasing you it’s because you are mourning Ben!

Iunia: He’s not dead, don’t be morbid!

Mizzy: Shhhshhh! Don’t deny that you think of him!

Iunia: Point made!

Kitty: There is nothing that can’t be healed with chocolate and shots! Yeeey, I found a date!

Mizzy: Even Tinder has a poor offer these days. Romanian women still hope to find true love on the wrong app!

Iunia: Where are the others? Girls, wake up!

Mizzy: Leave out TLC and Galadriel, they are hooked up! I hope for all of us they are having Saturday morning sex!

B.: Ok! I’m up!

Mizzy: Oh, great! Can you make that famous soup of yours? Something to mend a hangover at two o’clock after Shoteria?

B.: No, no soup for you! 🙂 I don’t want to cook on Valentine’s!  

Mizzy: Maybe I’ll get lucky somewhere else! Don’t mind me, I am waiting for my latest crush to wake up! The poor boy doesn’t stand a chance :)))

Iunia: I am having a shower and coffee later! Let’s see how depressed I get by going downtown. 

The walk through the Old Center is clearly depressing for anyone in a normal day. It’s not that cold, but the wind pushes all the lovers to more cozy places. Iunia enjoys her coffee and then heads for a restaurant for early dinner. It’s still hours away until the bars will become crowded, she doesn’t feel like hangin’ alone. The girls are chatting about their day, but no one is single tonight. Fuck this, I am going to a movie! Iunia thinks.

At Cinema City she looks longer than usual at the shows, as if nothing tempts her. She can’t even remember a day when she went to the movies alone. OMG, I will become a sad old lady!

– One ticket for Deadpool tonight, please!

– The next show, yes?

Iunia nods and takes a deep breath!

– Is this ok?

– No, not in the middle, row H, 17 is good!

– Ok, enjoy!

I am sure I won’t, but who the fuck cares!  

She walks away without a shred of enthusiasm and misses the conversation of the next customer who asks for a seat next to her. As the lights fade she notices that a taller figure is climbing the stairs and stops next to her. She reluctantly moves her feet to let him through, but instead she hears: Please don’t make a scene! Move your purse, I want to prevent you from running.

Iunia hates making a scene, so she just does as she is told.

– I missed you! I really wanted to see you, that’s why I came to this mall. Don’t say anything now, just… don’t hate me, please!

His warm breath in her ear makes her brain stop working. She opens her mouth a few times and closes it back.

He picks her hand and places a heart-shaped chocolate in her palm. Ben whispers again: Be my funny Valentine tonight!


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