Where You Belong

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Lucky for Iunia, the movie turns out to be a very funny one. She has eaten the chocolate and Ben is holding her hand for a while now. She is radiant and the darkness of the cinema hall is hiding it. Also feels anger, she might need some explanations, but for now tries to enjoy this complicity. At some point during the movie, he starts kissing her neck and then waits for her to respond. He doesn’t wait long because Iunia is more than willing to respond to the kiss. They kiss until the lights turn back on in the cinema.

– Can I take you to dinner?

–  Only if you promise to explain, I am not exactly reassured. And I don’t want to think about this and see myself as the other woman, I want to willingly choose to be that woman. Ok?

Ben turned so soft and he has that contented look on his face, the grateful look some men have immediately after sex.

– Sure, anything it takes! None of his smartass jokes, nothing.

– I don’t think you’ll ever find a reservation tonight.

– Don’t worry, I booked something weeks ago hoping… you know… before things got ugly.

They reach a fancy restaurant in the Old Center and now they serve coffee and talk. Iunia was disturbingly calm throughout dinner. She now feels as dating is not among her skills, thinking about having parsley in her teeth.

– Ok, I am ready now! She exclaims all of a sudden.

– Are you sure?! Let’s go home then!

– Don’t be an ass! I need to talk! Iunia rolls her eyes exasperated.

– And I need to slip into something more comfortable… you. Don’t be prude!

– But I am a prude, always have been. Tell me about your wife?

– There is nothing to tell, I have a wife in Tel-Aviv and two kids, teenagers. I spent most of the past ten years working in Romania. There is nothing left between us, we never got along, but I can’t and won’t get a divorce. This is all you need to know.

– Really? All I need to know?

– Oh, c’mon, stop being a drama queen! What are you like… 13? We are grown-ups, you said it yourself!

– So what is this: an open relationship? Iunia feels this won’t do it for her.

– If you need to label it, yes! Ben’s voice rose a bit. This is my fucking life, I didn’t choose who to marry and don’t tell me these cultural differences are strange to you. You saw me with those men and the girls. This is the price I pay for a little peace of mind. The girls do what they do for a better, easier life and men are pleased with this arrangement. And they let me keep appearances!

– You said your wife is ok!

– No, I never said that! She won’t let me be free until the kids reach 18. She never forgave me for leaving her there to respect the customs and I am here enjoying myself. Ben’s voice grows weary and he looks much older.

– Are you?

– Am I what?

– Enjoying yourself!

– I did for a while… until I met you.

Iunia seems reluctant whether to take him seriously.

– Cut the bullshit! I was serious!

-I know! You are always serious and nostalgic and I really need you. I need you for what I said earlier and hope you appreciate my honesty.

– How do I know… can you offer me something more… something tangible? Iunia needs him too, but hopes for a guarantee.

– Baby, it will be tangible, you can be sure of it!

– You’re a dick, you know? Iunia discloses her more sincere smile gazing into his eyes.

– How did you know I was talking about my dick? Baby, you see right through me! Let’s go home until my energy is not wasted on talking.

In the car Iunia is anxious and a little tensed about the outcome of the night. She asks for a sign that everything will be alright. She turns on the radio and there it is:

„Can’t you see that I want you? (Put your feelings behind you)
I don’t have to remind you, oh ohhh

Where you belong, where you belong, where you belong
Where you belong, where you belong, where you belong… ”

Enough, enough for now!


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