Turn Me On

Pick up from here.

As they get into the apartment, Ben carefully closes the door and pins Iunia to the wall. She already reached for the light switch, but he caught her hand gently just in time. The light from the street gives them both a nice pinkish shade while they stare into each other’s eyes. He takes off this jacket and leaves it on the floor. With his palms he enfolds her cheeks and continues to stare.

– You seem scared, baby! What’s wrong?

– Nothing! I am a little scared, just tryin’ to accommodate all these feelings.

– I was really anxious for this, but I can wait. I hope you know me by now… he places a soft kiss on her forehead.

– Oh, c’mon now! What’s with the fatherly kiss? I need to adjust to the situation; you know I’ve been with just one person for a while, on my own terms…

– Don’t mention the little fucker, I might lose my enthusiasm! God, I had to ask!

– How can you be such a beast sometimes and then… so… so

– So? Say it, for fuck’s sake!

– What?!

– Say you want me just as much! Stop being a hard ass, it won’t kill you!

Iunia pauses and reflects. She is still trapped between his arms and the wall.

– Ok, I do, I want you! I hate needing anyone, but I need to talk to you, I need your condescending smirk. I need the way you seem to take mental pictures of my lips, my eyes. I need the feeling of no escape, like now!

– So what’s stopping you? What’s stopping us?

– Nothing! Iunia grabs his neck and kisses him.

Morning finds her cuddled in his arms as if in a cocoon.

The phone starts pouring all the notifications that were muted until 8. With eyes almost closed Iunia picks her phone. She sees her reflection in the black screen and smiles satisfied.

Iunia: Good morning!

Mizzy: I am the door!

Iunia: No way! Really?

Mizzy: No, I was this close to leaving home! What the fuck happened?

Pinky: Yeah, Baby, spill it all!

Iunia: Pinky, not so fast! And what’s up with that language? 🙂 

Mermaid: OMG! Baby got a late Valentine surprise! Yeah, spill it or we’ll come over for sure :)))

Iunia: I caught Cupid and dragged him home for a lesson on manners! That little bastard keeps poking people! ❤

Kitty: Yes, she got laid!

Iunia: What’s with all of you… ok, ok… Ben is still here pretending to sleep. We met at the movies, he said he lingered there hoping to see me

Mizzy: Men are full of shit, but you know what: God bless his soul if you’re not depressed anymore!

Iunia: You sound like a god mother! :)))

Mizzy: Please, you make it sound old! I am the love fairy!

B.: Can we call you Fairy god mother?

Galadriel: Yeah, then will have two magic creatures in the group!

Mizzy: Call me Fairy like the detergent, sounds as magic as dirty dishes!

Kitty: I call for a vote, we cannot change nick-names as we please! I want to be called Kitty cat, then!

Fairy: It’s settled, no democracy! But I have a new proposal: let’s take turns calling TLC, it will be fun

Iunia: Meeting at noon, at Starbucks?

Ben watches her amused and then takes the phone and puts it on the nightstand.

– Come here, baby!

– What?

– Nothing, just come here!

-What time do you have to leave? She’s all pouting and girlish.

Bend draws her beneath him and clears her face from all the messy hair.

– Who said I have to go? I have the stamina of a 15 year old!

– Please, old man! I am gettin’ up to fix you a protein shake… strangely Iunia feels very comfortable with him.

– I seriously doubt you have any food in this house. Let’s just stay here. You simply cannot stay still, I am tired from all the resistance you put up last night!

– Not true! I gave in at some point! She laughs.

– Yeah you gave in when you fell asleep. You look beautiful right now, so I must have done something right.

At this point Ben looks at her as if taking snapshots of lips and eyes like she said. She lets him do it, even time stands still for a few seconds and she adds:

– Yes, you did! You turned me on!

“Like a lightbulb, in a dark room
I’m just sittin’ here waiting for you
To come on home and turn me on.”


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