Alone In The Crowd

It’s been only a few days since Iunia let Ben in her bed for real. Chris’s return did not make any difference because Iunia said nothing and Chris didn’t pick any signals. Truth be told they only spoke once, their arrangement of friends with benefits worked very well. He brought her a stupid Valentine souvenir and that was it. Thursday night was the weekly gathering of her friends. It was supposed to be weekly, but became monthly, it was really hard to have eight schedules meet. Iunia gets first to Mica Elveție and decides to wait in the nearby church yard for a while. She seems to be the only one brave enough to sit outside. It is one of those days of dry cold, no sign of spring yet. She just sits on a bench until her hands feel rigid, she never found a real use of gloves.  Ben came over every night since Valentine and she knew tonight he will let her sleep alone. All day she thought about cancelling girls’ night out and yet here she was. If only she got a few minutes with one of them, probably Kitty will judge this in the most objective way. In her opinion all that started as sex would take a lot of trials to become anything else. Men had to prove their skills before anything else.

– Hey, hon! What are you doing here? Mermaid interrupts her reflection.

– Hey! You know, thinking.

– A penny for your thoughts? Mermaid smiles warmly.

– I feel in love and don’t feel like sharing with the group or mocking about it.

– I understand, but you always say that it’s best to share, don’t turn this in a conflict, right?

– Right! My theories turned against me. Light up a cigarette in the meantime. I don’t even know to say this, I know I love him but I feel ridiculous. I love and hate him in the same time and wish to rest from all the turmoil inside. I need  to pause and digest all these, but I don’t want a break from him. Am I making sense?

– Yap, totally. It’s love, alright. Let’s go!

They join the others and Iunia doesn’t have time to think. Fairy is in a great disposition and Iunia feels bad for wanting to cancel. They are enjoying dessert when Iunia sees a man starring in the window. Before she has any time to react Ben is in the restaurant, greeting the girls:

– Ladies… I am the infamous Ben! he makes a tacky reverence.

Fairy is of course the first to speak:

– Yes, we were told about some of your character flaws, but Baby… ahhh Iunia seems to indulge you so, I guess… nice to meet you.

– That went well, I presume you are… the spokesman… woman.

TLC gets up and and shakes hands with him:

– Nice to meet you! Please make her happy, we really care for her.

– Okkk, so far! he meets everyone. Iunia, I would like a word with you.

He walks her out.

– I have to leave for my country for a while. I wanted to tell you in person.

Iunia pauses for a second and tears build up in her eyes.

– So… go! I will be fine! and adds: Asshole!

– Baby, don’t be like that, I told you…

– Yes, you were honest… you are free to go, don’t worry! Bye!

She walks back in and sits in her chair looking really lost.

– He has to go for an indefinite time… I am such a fool.

The phone buzzes and shows a message from Ben.

Look outside please!

He is in front of the window between the Valentine decorations and mimes for her: I love you! The girls cheer him and the whole restaurant looks at him, but the moment passes and Ben walks away.

The phone rings again:

„And a vision of you standing out in a crowd 

Come come my lady
You’re my butterfly
Sugar baby”

I am for real, trust me! I love you! 




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