Say You Love Me

Iunia keeps checking her phone, hoping to eventually find a message from him. She feels like complaining and acting like a spoiled child, but none of her friends is willing to tolerate her. Maybe is the fact that no one has ever seen her in love and it’s kind of strange. Even Iunia is stressed by her constant need for affection, she always enjoyed her solitude. She kind of wished to force herself into being her old self again. One that enjoyed the company of her girlfriends since tonight they arranged for a pyjamas party at Pinky’s place. Pinky ordered a nice, totally not light meal for all of them and most likely it will involve a lot of prosecco.

Iunia has to pick up some dessert and lets her imagination run wild while she hums her favorite song from Jessie Ware:

„Say you love me to my face
I need it more than your embrace…

‘Cause I don’t wanna fall in love
If you don’t wanna try…”

Why the fuck does it have to be so complicated?! It’s like having a wild beast in your arms and struggling hard to tame it. „I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself.” Fucking poems keep coming to her mind along with all the songs that remind her of him. But that’s it! Starting with this very moment she will fall out of love as quickly as she fell in. The Uber driver stares at her in the mirror, she probably said something out loud. When she arrives at Pinky’s her mind is set. Not seeing him will probably work and by the time he gets back she will play a lot cooler.

– Hey, girls! I brought the sugar to my honeys!

– Iunia, Iunia! Have a prosecco, sweetie! And tonight we don’t talk about men, I warn you! this is B. playing as host.

– Ok, ok! Where is our maiden of every ceremony? Fairy, come out wherever you are!

– I am here, don’t worry! And I correct B.: We do talk about men, good men, fuckers!

– We talk about the places they went missing or what?

– Pinky, sweetie, I sense a bit of bitterness there? Iunia is making fun of her friend.

– I honestly don’t know how can you sense anything through all the garlic I ate!

– Can we actually extract the vegetarian part from our steak and give it to Galadriel? Iunia mocks the kindest soul of them all.

– Nooo, no need for that! We have fries with… you guessed right, garlic!

Crazy laughter follows this innocent remark. It’s the laughter of women celebrating their femininity and freedom. Later that night, while TLC sings in a soft voice something from the 4 Non Blondes, they become serious and reflect on their lives. When the song ends, Iunia is the first to speak:

– Girls, I know I have been a pain in the ass, lately. I am sorry!

– Baby, don’t think that! We were all there and hope to be in love many times from now on! says Galadriel. Love makes us pretty!

– Actually we don’t! I hate men and I hate men that stick around longer than needed! Kitty yawns bored.

– I really wanted him to love me, but who the fuck does that?! He said it and left!

– Awww, come here Baby! You need a collective hug to forget the ass-hole! Fairy shows her soft spot for a brief moment, just enough to lift her friend’s spirits.




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