Pick up the whole story from here. And yeah, it’s a long story.

Iunia had a very pleasant evening with the girls and wakes up somehow in a better mood. She checks Ben’s profile, but there is no recent activity and that feels reassuring. She had to check in spite of all the promises made the night before. She never enjoyed the prosecco, but didn’t have the heart to tell the girls. Occasionally she’d have a cocktail or a shot, but just enough to get her tipsy. She is startled by a chat window – and now acknowledges something: a bad habit of Romanians is to presume you are friends with everyone. It’s John, a man she met at a photo shoot for the Company’s calendar. She remembers that making a calendar seemed the dumbest idea at the time. The management reckoned it will be good for business to pass them as Christmas gift for the clients. She has rather fresh memories with this photographer that insisted on getting her contacts for a private session. Seemed inappropriate then as it seems now to write to her. They have chatted before and always appeared too intrusive, even though she cannot exactly say what was wrong. He seemed quite shameless in the obvious manner he hit on her. He even insisted on calling himself John, although he was clearly Romanian.

John: Hello

Iunia: Hi

John: wanna get some coffee later? 🙂

Iunia: I am not sure about my schedule today…

John: Really? Are you playing that card with me?

Iunia: And which card is that? 😛

John: I am playing this game longer than you, trust me… you can say that you simply don’t want to go out with me… it’s fine!

Iunia: Alright, I don’t!

John: Why? if I may ask…

Iunia: you are too straight forward, you make me blush…

John: so? why is that bad? I’d like to tame you a little, teach you some things…

Iunia: OMFG! teach me? like what?

John: see, already scared and I’m miles away from you 😉

Iunia: who said I am scared?!

John: show me that you aren’t, let’s have coffee. Please!

Iunia: Given the fact that you asked me nicely, I will.

John: So? Your call: time and place?

Iunia: Gloria Jean’s in Băneasa mall at 17,00?

John: 17 hundred, it is! Yes ma’am! Can I have your phone no?

Iunia: not yet, I am that kind of girl!

John: I thought you were a woman, I am not dating girls… 🙂

Iunia: Please! Don’t waste your bullshit lines on me!

John: Clearly the bullshit lines work only once on you… See you, sweetie!

Iunia: Yeah, I guess so…

What the fuck am I thinking?! Iunia is a little puzzled by her  ease. Maybe not ease, she wouldn’t want to go in that direction. Oh, well!

The hours seem to crawl today, not that Iunia is very excited about the supposed date. She gets to the mall early and has time to check a few shops. When checking her phone she sees a message from John. She opens it and stops: it’s a photo of her from that day, a photo of a different Iunia, one that catches her frowning and with thumb caught gently between her teeth. She hears the camera sound and looks around for him.

– Please, don’t!

– Why? You weren’t posing and you eyes were light up. Now you look scared.

– Please stop with the analysis! What’s with you men?

– I am not every man, trust me!

– Again a stereotype! Let’s have the coffee and get this over with!

– It’s the mercy date or something?

John came closer to her, holding the camera in his hand and tries to show her the picture he took. They are side by side and Iunia already feels uncomfortable. She looks at the camera and discovers he stated the obvious. He whispers in her ear:”You are beautiful, honey!” and the next moment he bites her ear lobe.

– What the fuck?

– Oh, don’t play sissy with me! This is what you came for! and without a shred of hesitation he presses his lips against hers. Iunia abandons and hates to admit (again) that John is right.

„Baby, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody’s watching her
But she’s looking at you, oh, oh… ”







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