Scent Of A Man

The whole story is here.

Spring seems hesitant and cold. 1st of March came and passed and no signs of flowers others than the overpriced ones from the gypsy florists. Today was supposed to be a celebration of women everywhere, but Iunia still had to come to work, this time at the airport. It was kind of a surprise for her to receive a lot of flowers from her „students”, but also a confirmation that she still did a good job in training them. From the second floor of the airport she looks down at the arrivals gate. She reminds the quote learned by heart from watching Love Actually for more than 10 times: „Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy…” You are so right Hugh darling, but this is not U.K. and this is undoubtedly Henri Coandă airport. 

She sits there for a while and discovers she is not ready to leave. She goes to the coffee shop on the first floor where she can watch people without feeling strange. This is the main reason I chose to do this, she thinks. Everyone associates airports with travelling, but it’s really about the atmosphere, about the people. Looking at them as they search for the flights, sometimes scared, sometimes hopeful. Looking at those that wait, some patiently, others lovingly. She secretly hopes to see someone dear, so this means that unconsciously she chose to stay. What happened with men, good men?! She read all of Deida’s books just to discover that the men he spoke of seemed to be extinct. No, not extinct, she sounded like a spinster. I am not one that judges all men, I love men! Even when they scare me, I still realize I need men. I wonder if they think the same about us… I guess they do! Like that movie when they gave a score for the tits, one for the face… Am I an eight? How the hell can you love someone if it’s not all you ever dreamed of… can you settle for a six? The men I know are a mix that is far from being perfect, but damn, I am not nearly close to perfection. Chris is the sweetheart, but I am afraid that he will bail out in case things get complicated. And I am thinking about the death of a family member or maybe dealing with a disease like cancer. I will probably chase him away, I don’t want to choose him over me or feel like hiding suffering just to keep him happy. I don’t know if that will be the case, that’s why I don’t see myself getting old with him. Chris has the scent of youth, with the complexion of a teenager and firm body. Ben… well, I love him, but he was never the man for me. He carried the scent of sweet wintry perfumes, those that make you dizzy. He had experience, he was smart and never let me feel sorry for myself. He was like the tree you need to hug to get your energy. Like an oaken smell of an aged whiskey. And now, this guy, John. I felt like every chat with him is a battle of the sexes. He sees in me some weakness he can exploit, he has that cocky scent of men that don’t chase after anything. I saw him sweat over a perfect picture, sweat of a passionate man… Look at me, thinking of men on the day dedicated to women!

Iunia decides to get up and leave, until someone notices her and starts feeling sorry for the woman waiting for almost an hour for an imaginary passenger. She goes to the bus station planning to reach her friends for a dinner at their favorite restaurant. She changes the song that was on repeat for the last hour and then waits for the next bus humming All I think about is… coming over, coming over… Suddenly someone picks her hand and she exclaims full of hope: Ben?

– No, it’s not Ben, whoever the ass may be!

-Hey, John! I am sorry, I thought, I was waiting…

– No, you didn’t, you were hoping… I saw you! Let’s go, I will give you a ride downtown, where to?

-It’s fine, I’ll take the bus… I don’t need to be judged by you!

-What’s with you? I am trying to tell you something, I am trying to let you to see…

-See what, you are being insesitive…

-I am myself, I am telling you that you can have everything with me, anything you need I am willing to offer!

They get into the car and John says looking at her:

– You can have everything, but you have to scream my name!

-Why would I scream?

-Iunia, you are smarter than this, figure it out! and then he winks at her.





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