Let’s Go Slow

The adventures of Iunia, a totally ordinary contemporary story, can be found here.

Fairy: hey, girls. Mornin’!

Pinky: Mornin’, sweetie!

Galadriel: hello ❤

Kitty: God, it’s only 9! On a Saturday! Wtf?

Iunia: I totally agree with Kitty! What’s wrong with you?

Fairy: No news from the asshole?

Iunia: No, but I found someone else to obsess over

B.:Ok, you got my attention!

TLC: I’m up, I’m up! :)))

Mermaid: Uhhhh…

Iunia: Come on, it’s not like that… you know when I changed my profile picture on fb, it’s the guy credited for the photo…

Fairy: john smth?

Iunia: yes, him

Mermaid: so you slept with him?

Iunia: No, not yet, but I am weighting it…

B.: Come on, Baby… you got us interested and now this… 😦

Fairy: Yeah, I brought popcorn for the whole story

Iunia: I am sorry my life is not interesting enough 😛

Galadriel: Take your time, Baby!

TLC: but still… can we stalk him a little? :))

Iunia: Sure, feel free!

Fairy: I don’t like him, sorry!

Iunia: you weren’t supposed to, anyway! I am not even sure I do! He talks funny, I am almost certain he lowers his voice to sound sexier.

Fairy: Whatever works for you, Baby! I decided long ago not to judge your poor taste in men :)))

Iunia: Thanks, I guess! :)) I am going out, we talk later

Iunia lied, she has no place to go, but felt like being alone. She quickly decides to call an Uber and go to Buftea, she can find some peace of mind in the garden of Știrbei Palace. As she reaches for the phone, messenger announces a new message. It’s from John! She hasn’t heard from him for the past three weeks, not that she’s been counting. But she actually did, but resisted the temptation to explain what happened at the airport. And now she hesitates…

John: I want to talk

Iunia: I will call you

– Hey!

– Hey! I am sorry…

– No, I am sorry and I wanted to explain, but didn’t want you to feel as if I don’t appreciate you or worse, think that I don’t respect you!

– i didn’t feel any of that… just felt jealous. When I am jealous I turn into a real ass. I was trying to decide weather I can fight this other guy over you. Actually it was more like deciding if you are worth fighting for…

– Fuck you!

– Yes, please! John laughs. Wait! I needed to settle this for myself… you as a woman deserve fighting over!

– Yeah! Flattery won’t get you anywhere! I want to  go out! Care to sit next to me in the garden at Știrbei?

– Sure! I’ll pick you up! Share location on whatsapp?

– Ok! See you!

That went well! Iunia smiles proud of the courage to ask him out. She hums a long forgotten song:


I’ll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I’ll hold you tight
Baby all through the night





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