Dive With Me

– Are we supposed to smoke the after cigarette now? Iunia smiles and leans toward John, unveiling one leg from the covers.

– You know I don’t smoke, it’s a waste of money! John looks at the ceiling with hands beneath his head.

– I think that smoking makes men sexier!

– Did you find anything sexy at this Ben character?

– Oh! How did we get that far? Iunia is a little puzzled. Are you jealous?

John turns to her in a desperate attempt to seem cool about it. Or maybe he wants to catch the expression on her face.

– I can’t even ask or what?

– No, you can ask, but I need to know where is this going? Are we going exclusive or…

– What if it were exclusive? What do you need from him that I can’t offer? Why do Romanian women seem to think that a foreign man has what she needs?

Iunia fixes her pillow and gets a little comfier. For some strange reason, she feels like covering her breasts.

– Interesting question! Let me ask you this: Do you think it’s a matter of nationality?

– Certainly seems so! Unless it’s a matter of money… no, not in your case! Don’t look at me like that! he smiles and continues: I think that a man from your own country will try to understand his woman in the spirit of sharing the same background. I know that I seem insensitive, but I am a good man, I ask little and generally expect little. I don’t promise more that I can deliver and I am happy with what I get in return. Why would I promise love and marriage if I am not going after that?!

– What made you think that women still expect the love and marriage package? Tinder doesn’t work the same for women? I am amazed that you brought it up as if having careless sex is about roses and violets. I have heard stories about sexual performance checklists and yet you offer me this bullshit story. Imagine that not every woman thinks that the highlight of her life is a wedding. Not to mention you sound like a Neanderthal: my woman! Iunia makes a funny face mocking him.

– Then what is it? John looks at her compassionate.

– Maybe I want a career, visit the world, maybe fulfillment doesn’t mean playing pretend to be a princess in a stupid fluffy dress! She pouts and crosses her hands against her chest. End of communication.

– Ok, I agree. Up to a point! You are pouting like a princess right now! What does the princess need, ‘cause she appeared to be satisfied a few minutes ago?

– Don’t be an ass! I was serious!

– Sure you were, I know! he leans over and kisses her. It’s my turn to be serious: What are you going to do about Ben?

– I guess I will talk to him.

– I need to be sure! I don’t want to imagine the worst and now that I met him… I think he’s competition!

– Really?! That’s nice! You turned soft or what?

– I’ll get hard, don’t worry! But I need to know…

– God… the world revolved around your cock! I don’t know what to tell you… I thought I loved him at some point. Why do you do this?

– Because I have fun with you, you are smart, fun to talk to…

– Bullshit! Again with the poor smart unfuckable girl!

– You know that’s not true! You seem to need constant reassuring! You know we ain’t getting younger/ We’ll sink or we’ll swim/ Baby are you with me?

– I am with you, just don’t ruin this song for me! Iunia finally relaxes and puts her head on his chest. She allows herself to reconsider this, so she smiles pleased by the thought!



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