Turn Your Lights Down Low

No time for reflections, no time for anything, maybe this calls for a break. Iunia feels guilty for being distracted by men all the time. She can acknowledge the fact that she enjoyed the attention so far, but now maybe it’s time to spend some quality time with herself. It’s Friday before Easter and this was always a special time for her. She can hardly remember the last time she chose to stay in the city for Easter, maybe have dinner with her family. Her mother probably prepares some appropriate dishes and eggs of course.

– Hey, sweetie! I was thinking about you.

– Hi, mommy!

– What’s with you? Your voice is strange.

– Can I come over tomorrow? I miss you and dad!

– Sure, we were planning to go to the country, you wanna come?

– Yes, sounds great! Can I bring dessert?

– I was planning on making a cheese pie, warm cheese pie, as you like it.

– No, I don’t need to be spoiled! Are you bringing anyone?

– No, some of the girls left for Greece, I didn’t feel like going along.

– Good! So, we’ll see you tomorrow.

– Yeah! Bye!

Iunia hangs up and feels even sadder. Maybe a walk in the center of the city is will lift her spirits. She gets a cab to the nearest Paul patisserie and makes an order for the next day, something with chocolate mousse. Her mom never appreciated these sweets, but it’s not like Iunia is going to cook. She starts walking towards Unirii square, considering having a coffee in the Old Center. Turns the volume upper on the headphones and enjoys the spring afternoon. She never got the chance to set things straight with John because she can’t decide. She feels like a cheater and she never experienced such feeling. She’s seriously considering letting the universe or a greater force decide. The first man that gives her a sign is the one. None of them is either willing or able to commit. Music stops and her heart beats faster: it’s Andra – she is relieved.

– Hey, honey!

– Hey!

– We postponed that coffee for like 3 months! Andra laughs and adds: Can you come downtown?

– I am at Universitate right now!

– Great! I am getting to our favorite spot in 20 minutes. See you there?

– Yeah, sure!

Iunia searches for a special song to set her mood and while doing it she gets a message. Ben, thank God!

Baby, are you thinking of me?

All the time, but you’re still an asshole…


because I am lonely all the time 😦


That moment a pair of hands enfolds her ears over the headphones. She is startled at first, but it’s Ben who leans over and kisses her in broad daylight. Iunia has to lift on her tiptoes to reach him. Sometimes the universe has better judgment than hers!

„Saying ooh, it’s been a long, long time
I got this message for you girl
But it seems I was never on time
Did I wanna get through to you girl?”


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