Have you ever

…had breakfast at McDonald’s?!

The first time I was invited to one of McD’s events, I was asked how many Big Macs do I receive for posting on my blog about them. Does anyone think that such brand, like McDonald’s, needs a blogger (with low site traffic) to advertise it?! It doesn’t!

Still that doesn’t keep me from posting from time to time, whenever I get the chance to interact  with them. This time I got an invitation from Anca to have breakfast at McDonald’s along with two other ladies. It turned out that we were 4, just like Sex&the city, but I bet we had more fun. So, we were supposed to meet at 8,30, but everyone was fashionably late. We had one member of the staff tending to all our needs. We started with coffee, went to take a look behind the scenes, and then had breakfast. I never had breakfast there, so for me it was a first. I didn’t know that everything is  kept in special trays with timer, as well as the fact that 1% of their daily production goes to waste. It’s a lot considering that the oil used for frying it’s recycled and turned into soap. Of course such waste is inevitable in the food industry, but still nice to know that they do their best to serve our meals as fresh as possible.

The reason why I am writing this is not to advertise McDonald’s; although I have really enjoyed spending a Monday morning in a place not resembling anything to a workplace! 🙂

As I said in one of my first posts as blogger, I love writing and I use every excuse to “write my mind”. I like it because it opened a new world for me, a world of new opportunities and new people. And today I had the chance to enrich my life with the acquaintance of two more wonderful women. In my opinion the place we met, the reason fade in comparison with the fact that we just met and had some quality time together. 

So ladies, I hope we won’t be strangers from now on! Anca, I hope this makes it clear! 🙂

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