Nobody Should Ever Feel Lonely

I wanted to write something inspiring today, something so uplifting as to match my inner state. I feel fantastic in a tiring and twisted way... happy and exhausted... ready to expose myself and still sabotaging myself. I needed this to be the first gift I get for my 39th birthday; still, someone managed to beat... Continue Reading →

Where the Wild Roses Grow

I don't know anything about wild roses, but I do know where the roses grow in the vineyard. And they are not wild, though they are a little untamed. Do you know why and how this habit of planting a bush of roses in the vine perpetuated? Well, legend states that both vine and roses... Continue Reading →


I felt really excited as leaving the first day of the Power of Storytelling conference. As the host, Mr. Cristian Lupșa told us, this is the kind of conference where the lights should be turned off so you would not feel embarrassed for crying. 'cause the stories are real-life stories, the kind you relate to... Continue Reading →

Thirty, flirty and thriving

I rarely find myself in the position of writing about myself in English. I mean other than resumes or letters of intent. I wanted to be the first "portrait of a lady" on my blog, not because I want to set an example, far from it. I started the blog as an attempt to discover... Continue Reading →

The Silver Lining

When I was 16 I was involved in an English contest. One of the topics to be developed in the written paper was a 300 words essay on "Every cloud has a silver lining!". I had no idea what the silver lining was, but it was somehow intuitive. I wrote the essay with the mind... Continue Reading →

Women who love men

Why do we love men?  I often find myself in the position of asking this question. I read a few articles on the subject, and they only touch those obvious features of men.  I like a man who looks me in the eyes while having a conversation, and sometimes at my mouth as if watching... Continue Reading →

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