What does detachment mean

As I have said in numerous occasions, my heart belongs to Balchik. Since this year we had a … small budget, I chose Balchik with a few amendments. I browsed booking for the best reviews, and I came up to what I thought to be a compromise. I chose a guest house instead of a hotel. For those of you that know me, I am not keen on being among few guests, I’d rather blend in with a lot of people. Let’s say I wasn’t that lucky!

I arrived at the guest house last Monday, and to my surprise we were the only guests. We were greeted by the owners (I think), a couple of about 50 years old. We tried to communicate in a sort of Bulgarian Romanian sign language. Didn’t matter, though! The room was great, with a view over part of Balchik and the sea almost connected to the horizon. The guest house has 2 floors and we were staying at the second, nonetheless, the view is spectacular from any room. We were invited to a cup of coffee and a apple juice as soon as we arrived. I was very sorry to find out we were the only guests, to think that I considered the price among other reasons for choosing it.

IMG_20150707_210821 (1)IMG_20150710_095114

I have started this post while I was staying there, now I am going to finish it in my living room. It’s kind of sad to be back home, I feel like, pretty much like every year, that I left something there. This may sound cheesy, but leaving Balchik it’s always sad. Balchik is not a popular destination for young people, it’s just the place you visit when you have a rainy day in the way for the perfect tan. You visit the Botanical Gardens, the Castle and finish up with a nice mussels dinner. There are no loud night clubs, just restaurants on the shore and construction sites of new hotels. But in the strangest way, a walk in the sunset is like sweet balm for your soul. No sounds other than the sea, nor the aggression of street vendors, nothing…but peace.

Nearly a week ago I took my laptop , left my husband and son take the afternoon nap, and went downstairs at our B&B. It was then and there when I realized that this was the perfect place to start a book, finish a book or simply practice your writing skills. I have always imagined that I need a fancy Mocha Latte to my right to call myself a writer. Yes, I was interrupted once by the lady at the B&B offering me a cup of coffee, but that was it. I started this post, left it unfinished, and spent the next few afternoons in the room’s balcony writing on my book. The internet signal at the 2nd floor was too poor, and this was clearly to my benefit. I felt disconnected from all the humming of facebook, and yet managed to connect to my source. It was scary, I didn’t get much sleep, but somehow felt it was all to my benefit.

I thought that I am writing this post to help the B&B managers to get more reservations, but now I know I am writing this as a thank you. I really enjoyed my stay, the breakfast was great, we had pancakes and a traditional cheese cake. I felt as if visiting my grandparents. And it was all real, no fake smiles, and strangely enough we did just fine with sign language.


You can find info and book a room here, and this will end my post. Enough said!

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