Where the Wild Roses Grow

I don’t know anything about wild roses, but I do know where the roses grow in the vineyard. And they are not wild, though they are a little untamed. Do you know why and how this habit of planting a bush of roses in the vine perpetuated? Well, legend states that both vine and roses share common pests, such as mildew. I said that this is something that perpetuated since the old days, before modern wine-growing. Roses are still planted to indulge our taste for romance. The late Anthony Bourdain used to say: “You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese.”. Well, that might be true, but the best company for good cheese is always a good wine. So the winemakers are also incorrigible romantics. Last weekend I went to get the true reality grip on the Liliac vine estate.

Liliac literally means bat and is also the graphical representation of the logo. While the owners are mainly preoccupied with creating legendary wine, they are also aware that good marketing will help a lot in promoting a product of the Transylvania province. Now that I think of it, I accepted the invitation to the wine trip with no expectations whatsoever. I am a little ashamed to admit openly that when it comes to wine I am kind of ignorant. My favorite wine is the Liliac Nectar, a wine recommended mainly for desserts – proof of what I have stated earlier. 🙂 The reason why I started writing about this wine trip is that I honestly think we deserve to learn more, to cultivate our taste for fine living. To choose to treat ourselves better, no matter the circumstances.

The vine estate also offers the perfect place to organize a trip, wine tasting or any corporate events – memorable events. Learn more here. Liliac Lodge is situated in a spectacular scenery, providing a view over the valley. My personal recommendation is to take on the opportunity and also visit the neighboring sheepfold and enjoy the proverbial Romanian hospitability. Trust me, it will be worth your time. If you also want to spend some time with yourself, my advice is to follow the path that separates the estates, find a quiet spot (don’t have to go far), take off your shoes and feel the hard soil beneath your feet. And then… look at the sky! I am pretty sure that the eagle I saw soaring will be there to greet you. It’s a kind reminder of who are the real masters of the valley.

One thing I have learned and will certainly remember about my visit – the wine always keeps the notes of the land we call our home. One should be grateful for the bouquet gathered by a glass of good wine. Close your eyes and inhale the smell of moist soils after the rain, wild berries, oaky flavor and raw, unharnessed nature… then choose to taste it, even if you know it won’t be sweet. This is our country, we should also be grateful for that!




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  1. silvia says:

    Foarte frumos Irene!


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