Nobody Should Ever Feel Lonely

I wanted to write something inspiring today, something so uplifting as to match my inner state. I feel fantastic in a tiring and twisted way… happy and exhausted… ready to expose myself and still sabotaging myself.

I needed this to be the first gift I get for my 39th birthday; still, someone managed to beat me to it with a gorgeous peony bouquet and a ring. So, by following this link, you can download my latest book, in English this time – Lonely Women of Kingdom 888 (The Game). I called it my Lady Hero Journey for many, many reasons, and I hope you read it and enjoy the lecture as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s free for download on the 22nd and the 23rd of May.

Instead of the usual selfie that I hope draws people to my blog and hopefully makes them stay a little, I will share the image I currently have on my desktop, we can call it a wishing board for the sake of argument.

On the left, we have the classical Live, Love, but instead of Laugh, there is the source of my happiness and life mission realisation – the fact that Stories do matter and I am on this earth to make sure they are noted somewhere. On the right side we have the sea-side, money (let’s not play hypocrites) and the lavender fields I expect to see one day. Right in the middle lies my goal of turning this book into a great movie one day and of course, the beautiful cover. So, this is it, I haven’t shared with you my birthday wish because no one eats cake nowadays if you blow on it. 🙂

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